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ALI YETGIN founder of a trading company for housing and industrial sector in 1982 established 1998 the agriculture company ASYALALE at Konya, Turkey. 

After visiting the Netherlands several time he decided to re-establish the traditional tulip breeding and growing in Turkey. Konya, an ancient, now modern City in the heart of Anatolia and with fertile land arround is the ideal area to grow agricultural products. 

ASYALALE’s production yields are located at Cumra and Ismil nearby Konya City including necessary infrastructure, equipment, machineries and a  modern coldstorage for the bulbs. Special equipment for pre- and postproduction including packaging have been invested to handle over 100 million bulbs yearly in bulk and potted.

Nowadays ASYALALE is known as the first and only flowerbulbs especially Tulip production company in Turkey. Products are sold to all major turkish Cities, especially to İstanbul Metropolitan Municipalty as well as to landscaping companies and Supermarketchains. 

Besides Tulips ASYALALE grows and supplies large quantities of bulbous and tuberous ornamental plants to its national customers and exporting their varieties to all neighbouring countries like Irak, Iran, Turkmenistan, Azerbeidjan and many other countries arround Turkey.

Many local and national Discount- and Supermarkets are belonging to our satisfied customers. The productrange includes Tulips, Hyacinths, Muscari, Narcissus, Crocus, Dahlia, Iris and many other varieties of bulbous and tuberous flowers according to the demand of our customers. Under the Management of  Agriculture- and Landscape Enegneers 75 constant and up to 160 seasonal scilled workers and employees established a reputation for high quality, services and sensitive producthandling which brought ASYALALE to the top ranking companies in Konya and Turkey. 

We are proud to bring old turkish tulip- and flower traditions back to the origins of Turkey. Just enjoy browsing our online catalogue and photo gallery of spring, summer and autum flowers.

Company is also active as biggest sweetcorn producer and feed on over 1000ha as well as succesful sheep breeder of German and Turkish Merinos.


For further information please contact:

Production & Marketing
Korkut Yetgin
Phone: 0090 533 524 4846


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